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Diamond Hotel Philippines Hosts
Hotel Transylvania Halloween Party

ON October 29, 2017, the Diamond Ballroom of Diamond Hotel Philippines transforms into Count Dracula’s lavishly luxurious lair in the animated movie Hotel Transylvania, where monsters of all kinds go to get away from it all and party the night … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Turn Fries into a Sweet Treat!

I LOVE potatoes. They are a healthy alternative to rice because potatoes are complex carbohydrates, which means that they supply plenty of pure energy that can help sustain power the whole day no matter how many hours you need to … Continue reading

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Nutritious Vitasoy Milk
Now Available in Three Flavors

A VERY interesting package arrived in the house recently. It came in the form of a brown, cardboard, handbag-type package that simply said ‘Vitasoy: The Soy Experts’ on one side and scribble-font ‘Real Good Surprise Inside’ on the other side. … Continue reading

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Wasabi Peanuts, Anyone?

WASABI, which is Japanese horseradish, is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The stem of the plant is used in paste form to add flavor and a spicy kick to sashimi, sushi, maki, temaki and other Japanese rolls. It is … Continue reading

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Grilled Tanigue Steak with Sinanglay Sauce
(Home Cooking Series)

SINANGLAY is a Bicolano dish that has fish wrapped in pechay or gabi leaves and cooked in coconut milk with minced onion and ginger, diced tomatoes and chopped shrimps. It is a very flavorful dish which I recently ‘discovered’ when … Continue reading

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