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Grape Salsa with Goat Cheese Crostini

WHAT else can you do with Welch’s 100% Grape Juice besides drink it or make Grape Berry Crunch Muffins with it? You can also make Grape Salsa with Goat Cheese Crostini, which is sure to be a hit for cocktails … Continue reading

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Grape Berry Crunch Muffins

WHAT can you do with Welch’s 100% Grape Juice besides drinking it as it is? Well, you can make a shake or smoothie with it. Or, better yet, bake Grape Berry Crunch Muffins with the delicious juice! Here’s how: 1/2 … Continue reading

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Buttery Garlic Prawns

PRAWN dishes never fail to impress. They have an umami flavor that pleases the palate. They go well with other seafood but are also good on their own. Simply sauté them in a little butter with garlic, season with salt … Continue reading

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Mais con Yelo
(Jolly Corn)

SUMMER’S here, and the season isn’t complete without a tall glass of summer cooler, such as Mais con Yelo. The subtle sweetness of corn, paired with milky smooth shaved ice and the crunch of corn flakes on top is just … Continue reading

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Thai Basil Chicken

I RECENTLY ‘discovered’ Homegrown Organics, an online site that sells farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, plus some other agricultural produce, that are all grown organically. Its e-ad kept popping up in my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so one time I decided … Continue reading

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