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Chef Gene Gonzalez Launches
Two Exciting Cookbooks

CHEF Gene Gonzalez, easily one of the country’s most accomplished chefs, recently launched two exciting cookbooks—Modern Philippine Confections: Tropical Island Flavors and Treats; and Breads, Cakes, Pastries and More—in the new location of his restaurant, Café Ysabel, along M. Paterno … Continue reading

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Enjoy a Chocolate Symphony
at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

CHOCOLATE! Who does not like it? We just differ in the way we like our chocolate. Some like it dark, others prefer milk chocolate, and then there are those who enjoy white chocolate the most. But no matter how you … Continue reading

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Halaya de Pastillas

WE all love pastillas. It is that chewy milk-based local confection that is cooked in huge vats by continuous mixing until the mixture is thick. Afterwards, while the pastillas mixture cools down, bite-sized pieces are hand-rolled into short logs, coated … Continue reading

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