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Coffee Jelly
(Chef Eugene Raymundo)

I HAVE always loved coffee jelly. When cafés were all the rage and fraps lorded it over the ice blended coffee concoctions, I liked mine with coffee jelly. Even in desserts, I loved coffee jelly. This is why I was … Continue reading

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Huve Brioche:
Chef Sau del Rosario’s Purple ‘Baby’

DID you know that 500 grams of real ube go into every Huve Brioche bread of Pampanga-based chef Sau del Rosario? That balances the 500 grams of buttered dough that makes up the hefty brioche bread, and the ube halaya … Continue reading

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The Best Buko Pie in Town!

ARGUMENTS on which is the best Buko Pie in town have stopped. A true winner has been selected—and the winner is Chef Sau del Rosario’s Vuco Fye. A wonderful piece of golden perfection, Vuco Fye was born during the Enhanced … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Promos 2020:
Celebrating Despite the Pandemic

THIS year’s Father’s Day celebration on Sunday, June 21, 2020, would be different. While families used to dine out and honor the man of the house with a satisfying lunch or dinner in a hotel or restaurant, most families would … Continue reading

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French Baker’s Ube Cheese Pandesal:
This Is the Real Deal!

IF you’re craving for Ube Cheese Pandesal but have so far disappointed by all the overpriced wanna-bes you have so far tasted, you have to try the new Ube Cheese Pandesal of The French Baker. This new product of The … Continue reading

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