Cravings Offers Festive Cakes for Christmas

Cherry Walnut Cheesecake

WHEN December dawns, can the Christmas season be far behind?

As soon as Christmas carols began to play this year, with Jose Mari Chan’s classic Christmas in Our Hearts dominating the airwaves, The Cravings Group launched its Christmas offerings in a special event called A Merry and Bright Christmas.

Among the many savory and sweet holiday treats that will be available this Christmas season is an entire line of Christmas-only, special-edition cakes that have been concocted especially for the festive season. These include soft, light and airy cakes as well as dense and filling ones to give Filipinos choices to give loved ones and friends as Christmas presents and to enjoy with family on the Noche Buena table.

Some of the really interesting limited-edition cakes include:

Avocado Mousse Cake

Avocado Mousse Cake (P1,200)—a layer of fresh avocado meringue cream over a thinner layer of Castella sponge cake sitting on top of cashew cookie crumble crust, and garnished with white chocolate and cashew crumbs. You can really taste the fresh avocado flavor in the mousse and feel it melt on your tongue one bite at a time.

Dark Belgian Cheesecake

Dark Belgian Cheesecake (P1,400)—creamy cheesecake made with dark bittersweet chocolate, topped with chopped Maltesers on piped dark chocolate icing. Nothing tastes better than dark Belgian chocolate cheesecake with a very smooth texture.

Cherry Walnut Cheesecake

Cherry Walnut Cheesecake (P1,400)—a slow-baked cheesecake with white chocolate incorporated into the cheesecake and cherries and walnuts swirled in the cheesecake to create a marbled effect.

Mango Brazo Dome

Mango Brazo Dome (P1,200)—a twist on classic Brazo de Mercedes, it is not jelly-rolled but shaped using a dome mold, filled with very light fresh mango meringue cream and coated with chiffon crumble.

Naked Devil’s Food Cake

Naked Devil’s Food Cake (P1,300)—not the traditional Devil’s Food Cake, this one has three layers of chocolate cake with boiled icing filling and topping. The burnt “wave” style iced topping, which reminds one of classic Baked Alaska with torched meringue icing, is garnished with silver dragees. The sides are not iced, giving it a raw look, which is exactly the idea of making naked cakes.

Mocha Praline Cake

Mocha Praline Cake (P1,200)—is Mocha Chiffon Cake with whipped buttercream spiked with espresso. The cake is sprinkled with chopped walnut sugar praline on top.

Mars Decadent Cake

Mars Decadent Cake (P1,300)—another version of decadent chocolate cake, with layers filled and then iced with rich chocolate icing. The top is outlined with rosettes of whipped cream garnished with bits and pieces of Mars chocolate bar and drizzling of chocolate.

Twix Cheesecake

Twix Cheesecake (P1,200)—cheesecake incorporating crushed Twix candies, generously garnished with halved Twix chocolates on top and outlined with a ring of whipped cream.

Chocolate Caramel Cake

Chocolate Caramel Cake (P1,200)—this one’s not entirely new, as it is a Cravings original since 1989. It is a moist chocolate cake with a thin layer of caramel icing on top and a generous swirling of chocolate icing all over the icing.

Other cakes available during the entire Christmas season include Strawberry Shortcake, Double Chocolate Cake, Devil’s Food Cake, Carrot Cake, Nutty Nirvana, Dulce de Leche, and Loacker Chocolate Cake.

Truly festive and sinfully delicious, these cakes are meant to make the Christmas season merry and bright.

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