Marks & Spencer Gourmet Bites
for the New Year

Mince Pie Selection

MARKS & Spencer calls them its Christmas line, but these cakes, pastries, puddings, mince pies, shortbread, biscuits, brandy snaps and chocolates are actually great bites to have the whole year. Taking on holiday shapes and designs simply makes them spread the Christmas cheer way after the festive season is over. These sweet and savory snacks are so delicious that you’d regret considering them only as edible presents to give during Christmastime. How about enjoying them yourself as you begin a brand new year?

Golden Snowflake Christmas Cake

Fruity Christmas Pudding

Classic Christmas Pudding

Sumptuous Marks & Spencer treats that carry the true Christmas vibe include the Golden Snowflake Christmas Cake (Php915), a six-month matured all-butter fruit cake; Fruity Christmas Pudding (Php995), a 12-month intensely matured pudding enriched with brandy, cognac, port and stout; Classic Christmas Pudding (Php495), a six-month matured pudding, delicately spiced and packed full of plump, juicy vine fruits with lashing of cider, rum and sherry; and Classic Recipe Puff Pastry Mince Pies (Php395), all-butter puff pastry mince pies filled with classic mincemeat bursting with juicy sultanas, vostizza currants and raisins.

All Butter Scottish Shortbread Petticoat Tails

Salted Caramel Shortbread

All Butter Scottish Shortbread

All Butter Scottish Shortbread Assortment

Iced Reindeer Biscuits

Cookies and biscuits in Marks & Spencer’s new line consists of All-Butter Petticoat Tails Shortbread in Robin Tin (Php595), Salted Caramel Shortbread Gift Box (Php475), All-Butter Shortbread Assortment in a Snowy Design Stag Tin (Php475), Merry Percymas Biscuit Tin (Php895), Butterscotch Crunch Biscuits in Round Woodland Tin (Php995), and Iced Reindeer Biscuits (Php495).

Salted Caramel Pinecones

Sparkling Caramels

Belgian Chocolate Collection

Brandy Snaps

Italian Luxury Assortment

Swiss Chocolate Truffle Assortment

For chocolate lovers, Marks & Spencer has got it covered with Salted Caramel Pinecones (Php1,450), Sparkling Caramels (Php995), Box of Belgian Chocolates (Php1,350), Brandy Snaps Collection (Php850), Italian Luxury Assortment (Php1,495), Luxury Swiss Truffle Assortment (Php1,495), Italian Dessert Chocolate Assortment (Php895), 1kg Belgian Collection Biscuit Tin (Php1,995), Belgian Milk Chocolate Tree (Php1,595), and Swiss Chocolate Selection (Php1,875).

Puff Pastry Mince Pies

Port & Stilton Red and White Hand Cooked Crisps

Goat’s Cheese and Rosemary Bites

Cheddar Cheese and Roasted Onion Bites

Marks & Spencer has also made sure that there is something for those who do not possess a sweet tooth. Aside from Classic Recipe Puff Pastry Mince Pies, its savory treats are Port & Long Clawson Stilton Hand Cooked Crisps (Php235), Fizz & Sparkle Winter Berries & Prosecco Hand Cooked Crisps (Php235), Goat’s Cheese and Rosemary Bites (Php225), and Cheddar Cheese & Roasted Onion Bites (Php225).

These sweet and savory—and something-in-betweens—are great eats to have. They particularly come in handy when you get hungry between meals. Just a couple of bites should be able to satisfy that hunger or craving. Whether for gift giving or for personal consumption, they are readily available in all Marks & Spencer stores.


(Marks & Spencer items are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Rustan Marketing Specialists Inc.)


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