KFC’s New Mexican-inspired ‘Chaco’
Available Starting Today!

KFC’s new product, the Chaco, is available starting today, May 9, 2019

HOW would you like to indulge in a Mexican-style taco that has a crispy fried chicken chop in place of the regular taco shell? Yes?

Then KFC’s new Chaco might be the delicious bite that you’ve been waiting for.
Available starting today (May 9, 2019), the new Chaco has no taco shell, only a generous piece of KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken fillet that’s shaped like a big taco shell, filled with shredded lettuce, salsa, taco mayo and corn kernels, and topped with grated cheese.

The Chaco is available in three meal packages—A la carte for Php99; Combo Meal (with fries and drink) for Php145; and Fully Loaded Meal (with 1-piece chicken and spaghetti) for Php219.

KFC’s newest and boldest mash-up will get you screaming “Ay, Caramba!”

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