Who’s Cooking?
Chef Ed Bugia and Bizu Are!

Foie Rocher by Chef Ed Bugia and Bizu

ELEVEN professional chefs and eleven top caterers. In an unprecedented move, The Blue Leaf, an events venue company, and Our Awesome Planet, one of the top travel and food blogs in the country, were able to pair them up in an event called Who’s Cooking? The event’s aim: To have each chef-caterer pair create a five-course menu that fits any special occasion.

Like all other pairs, the team of Chef Ed Bugia and Bizu Catering Studio rose up to the occasion. Chef Ed, who is behind the success of restaurants like Pipino, Pino and Pi as well as The Burger Project, works around his playful personality as he and the Bizu team create a dessert-inspired five-course menu for Who’s Cooking? Together, they take on favorite desserts and confections and give them a savory twist with a dash of humor.

Mac and Cheese Macarons

Mac and Cheese Macaron. The classic sweet French pastry gets savory. The bright yellow macaroni and cheese macaron surprises with every bite, first with the sharpness of English cheddar, then with the salty sweetness of candied smoked bacon.

Lobster Eclair Maine

Lobster Éclair Maine. Éclairs are a traditional pastry glazed with sweet icing. But this one’s a savory version. It is more like a lobster roll trapped in an éclair’s body. The lobster is rolled in butter infused with truffle oil, Old Bay seasoning and shrimp bisque—a perfect filling for a soft éclair pastry bun.

Pork and Apple Chip

Pork and Apple Chip. Imagine slow roasted pork belly on apple tulle topped with pickles! Yes, it is savory pork barbecue served on a crispy cracker that smells and tastes distinctly of apples. One bite will convince you that this apple-infused chicharon is a winner.

Foie Rocher. How about a chocolate ball that reveals soft and tender foie gras (duck liver) mousse when you bite into it? Simply heavenly. This favorite milk chocolate confection studded with crushed almonds has got a savory gourmet filling exploding from within.

Caramel Pop Rock Lollipop

Caramel Pop Rock Lollipop. A fun dessert on a stick, it’s soft milk chocolate bars with salty sweet caramel sprinkled on top with sour pop rocks balance out the sweetness of the chocolate.

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