Who’s Cooking?
The Lechon Diva and Center Table Are!

Squid Ink Crisp with Mangoes and Mussels by Dedet de la Fuente and Center Table Catering

OUT of the 11 pairs of well-known chefs and catering companies in the country, it really took the Lechon Diva herself, Dedet de la Fuente, and Center Table Catering to focus on Filipino dishes inspired by the flavors of the land and the sea in Who’s Cooking?.

Who’s Cooking?, a major event put together by The Blue Leaf events venue company and top travel and food blog Our Awesome Planet, had its Grand Reveal Party recently to showcase—and let guests taste—the result of the unique match-ups between chefs and caterers. One of the menus that everyone simply loved was that of the Lechon Diva and Center Table team.

De la Fuente is famous for her leveled-up Filipino fiesta food, and her Pepita’s Kitchen first caught the attention of food connoisseurs and foodies alike with her stuffed lechon. Her Truffle Lechon, for one, is to die for, as it marries Filipino and French cuisines with crispy-skinned Cebu lechon stuffed with truffle rice. Her collaboration with Center Table, which is best known for its Spanish specialty dishes, has produced a truly exciting signature five-course menu.

Phoenix Crystal Nest

Phoenix Crystal Nest. It’s a bed of crispy bihon topped with cashew, chestnuts, chorizo Macao, mushrooms and the Lechon Diva’s secret sauce. It draws inspiration from her 8-Treasure Stuffed Chicken.

Foie Taco Crisp

Foie Taco Crisp. As indulgent as her stuffed lechon is this bite-sized gourmet treat of foie gras (duck liver) on a crispy taco shell sprinkled generously with Parmesan cheese to give the palate-pleaser a creamy texture and buttery taste.

Lechon Flambe

Lechon Flambe. Crispy lechon skin base topped with boneless lechon meat cooked with rosemary and a mix of herbs. The idea came from the Lechon Diva’s recent trip to Italy, where her daughter asked, “What if you flambe lechon?” and she answered, “Why not?”

Squid Ink Crisp with Mangoes and Mussels. Drawing inspiration from the colorful corals in our sea beds, this dish combines mussels and mango chunks on a crispy squid ink base.

Mango Creme Mousseline Crepe

Mango Crème Mousseline Crepe. Custard flavored crepe with a rich, creamy filling, bathed with the sweetness of mango on top.

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