Thanksgiving Dinner
with U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim

U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim with Enderun Colleges officials and the Tuloy Foundation culinary scholars

THANKSGIVING Day is a national holiday in the United States. It began as a day of thanksgiving for a good harvest, but, through the years, it has become a day of simply giving thanks to the Lord for every imaginable blessing. Usually celebrated in the U.S. with a special dinner featuring Roast Turkey on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day is observed on different dates in Canada and several other countries.

In the Philippines, the American Thanksgiving Day celebration has caught on, and, yearly, the United States Ambassador to the Philippines celebrates the special occasion with members of the trade industry who are engaged in business with American companies. Together, they sit down for a special Thanksgiving dinner and share the traditional Thanksgiving turkey with lots of other food.

U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim interacting in the kitchen with Enderun Colleges’ Chef Marc Chopin

Stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey and getting it ready for roasting in the oven should be easy…


This year, U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim decided to ‘deviate’ a little by sharing a Thanksgiving meal with the culinary scholars of Tuloy Foundation, which is a non-profit organization for disadvantaged children and youth.

U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim greeting the culinary scholars of the Tuloy Foundation just before their shared Thanksgiving meal

The Thanksgiving meal was held at Enderun Colleges in Taguig City, and it had Enderun chef instructors and the 24 Tuloy Foundation culinary students taking charge of the kitchen. The Thanksgiving meal was inspired by original recipes of Filipino-American White House executive chef Cristeta Pasia-Comerford, including Thyme Roasted U.S. Turkey with Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Calamansi Relish, Baked Boneless U.S. Ham, Mashed U.S. Potato with Quezo de Bola, Pumpkin Pie, and Pecan Pie.

U.S. food and beverage importers Dane International Commodities Inc. and ESV International Corp. provided the turkey pecans and potatoes; while the U.S. Meat Export Foundation supplied the ham.

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