The Best Ube Cake in Town!

Six-layer Ube Cake with Halaya Filling by La Royale Patisserie

THE best Ube Cake in town is the Ube Cake with Halaya Filling of La Royale Patisserie headed by multi-talented pastry chef Edward David Mateo!

I have been eating Ube Cake for a long time. My late mom loved the Ube Cake of a commercial brand (*I’m not telling which bakeshop this is, but its cake box is colored red and white) when she was still around, and I thought it was okay. It had soft and moist ube cake layers, and the icing and ube cake crumbs that covered the top and sides of the cake seemed fine. The bakeshop also had a decent Chocolate Mousse Pie. The price, though, kept going up and the slices commensurately grew, no, not bigger, but smaller.

In the course of my work in the publishing industry, where I focused mainly on food, I would discover a lot of other Ube Cakes. A lot of them turned out to be good by my standards, but when I recently ‘discovered’ Chef Edward’s Ube Cake with Halaya Filling, the competition on which is the best Ube Cake in town ended instantly. Undeniably one of La Royale Patisserie’s signature cakes, Chef Edward’s Ube Cake with Halaya Filling is made from real ube and homemade ube halaya filling. It is three layers of ube moist chiffon cake lined in between with homemade ube halaya. The cake is covered with whipping cream, then sprinkled with cake crumbs on the sides and topped with rosettes of icing. Sink your teeth into the cake, and it is really soft and moist, and you can actually taste and feel the texture of real ube halaya and not just ube flavoring. Light and not so sweet, you’d want to have another slice even if you are not a cake lover.

After all, it is a specialty cake and not something you can find in every branch of a bakeshop chain. La Royale Patisserie makes it fresh upon order. It comes in two sizes: 6×8 inches for an awesome 6-layer cake (Php1,200), and 4×8 inches for a delightful 3-layer cake (Php900).

The 3-layer Ube Cake variant

To order, call 0927-6724168 for pickup at the bakeshop located at 78 Mabini St. corner E. Rodriguez Sr., Brgy. Doña Aurora, Quezon City. Delivery via Lalamove or Grab can be arranged, with delivery fee to be shouldered by client.

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