French Baker’s Ube Cheese Pandesal:
This Is the Real Deal!

The French Baker’s Ube Cheese Pandesal

IF you’re craving for Ube Cheese Pandesal but have so far disappointed by all the overpriced wanna-bes you have so far tasted, you have to try the new Ube Cheese Pandesal of The French Baker.

This new product of The French Baker is the real deal. It is six huge and hefty violet-colored, ube-flavored pandesals in a pack, loaded with cheese and ube halaya made from dahl pea. The filling is generous, with each pandesal weighing some 66 grams, since six pandesals total 400 grams. The bread itself is soft but firm, and one bite reveals the delicious double filling within.

At Php210 per pack of six, The French Baker’s Ube Cheese Pandesal packs in all the flavor. One or at most two satisfies your craving and keeps you happily nourished. Available at all The French Baker stores.

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