The Best Buko Pie in Town!

Chef Sau del Rosario’s Vuco Fye is inarguably the best Buko Pie in town

ARGUMENTS on which is the best Buko Pie in town have stopped. A true winner has been selected—and the winner is Chef Sau del Rosario’s Vuco Fye.

A wonderful piece of golden perfection, Vuco Fye was born during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) or lockdown in Luzon. Bored by the “spare time” that he suddenly found himself with, Chef Sau indulged in baking and came up with two winners—Vuco Fye and Heg Fye. They are actually his interpretations of two classic Pinoy pies, the Buko Pie and the Egg Pie. He tweaked them and made gourmet versions that are to die for.

His Vuco Fye, in particular, is an amazing piece of pastry art, as he layered the fresh meat of seven coconuts in each pie, thus resulting in a tall, full-bodied and luscious pie that measures 7.5 inches in diameter and stands 4.5 inches tall, with custard to keep the coconut meat in place inside the handcrafted crust.

The way it looks, tastes and totally satisfies cravings is like no other Buko Pie in the market. So when he launched it simultaneously with his Heg Fye, with deliveries in his home province Pampanga and scheduled trips to Metro Manila to fulfill overwhelming orders.

Hot off the oven!

Easily the best Buko Pie in town, Chef Sau’s Vuco Fye is the pie that started it all for his new Pan de Sau by Café Fleur line.

All have been given playful names, to which Chef Sau explains, “In Pampanga, we have this habit of adding “h” to any word that starts with a vowel, and Kapampangans interchangeably pronounce “p” as “f” and “f” as “p.” Thus, the name Vuco Fye.”

Next to Vuco Fye (Php795) and Heg Fye (Php695) came Huve Brioche (Php695), Henseymada (Php695), Apple Walnut Cinnamon (Php795), Tsokolateh Heg Fye (Php725), and Vananah Walnut Tsokolateh Vread (Php695). Knowing Chef Sau, there are certainly lots more to come!

To order, call 0917-1928343.

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