Huve Brioche:
Chef Sau del Rosario’s Purple ‘Baby’

Huve Brioche by Chef Sau del Rosario

DID you know that 500 grams of real ube go into every Huve Brioche bread of Pampanga-based chef Sau del Rosario? That balances the 500 grams of buttered dough that makes up the hefty brioche bread, and the ube halaya that goes into it is homemade, too. It’s an awesome proportion of ube and bread that’s guaranteed to satisfy the craving of any ube-loving individual.

The Huve Brioche comes at the heels of Chef Sau’s best-selling Vuco Fye and Heg Fye. He kitchen-tested the recipe several times before finding the perfect balance that pleased him. It is Chef Sau’s take on the popular Ube Cheese Pandesal, and the innovative chef chose the brioche dough to work with since his extensive French cooking background made him very familiar with the said dough. So he kneads the dough, rolls it out into a rectangular shape, tops it with his own ube halaya, rolls it into a log, makes a lot of playful cuts on the dough to make the ube ooze out, curls it into a round pan, and bakes it to golden perfection. Chef Sau calls it “ugly beautiful,” but the truth is that it is beautiful and full of character from all angles.
Just like his other pie, bread and pastry products under his new Pan de Sau Bekeri line, the Huve Brioche got its name from the Kapampangans’ habit of adding “h” to any word that starts with a vowel and of interchangeably pronouncing “p” as “f” and “f” as “p.” Same goes with “v” and “b.”

It is available in Pampanga and in Metro Manila, with scheduled deliveries weekly to meet the growing demand for not just the Huve Brioche but also for the original Vuco Fye and Heg Fye as well as the new Tsokolateh Heg Fye, Henseymada, and Vananah Walnut Tsokolate Vread. To order and inquire about delivery dates and prices, call or text 0917-1928343, email, or check out the FB and IG pages of Sau del Rosario.

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