Le Delicieux’s Chicken Pot Pie:
Definitely a Must-try!

Le Delicieux Patisserie and Cafe’s Chicken Pot Pie

IF you are craving for the savory goodness of Chicken Pot Pie and are wondering where to get a really good one, consider Le Delicieux Patisserie and Café. They’ve got a mean Chicken Pot Pie, whose tried and tested recipe has been used by Le Delicieux’s Susan Ong for 35 years now. Everybody who has tasted it loves it.

A 9-inch round pie priced at Php700, Le Delicieux’s Chicken Pot Pie is packed with generous chunks of chicken, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and ham cubes in a rich cream sauce, topped with a buttery and flaky golden crust with their signature three stems of flowers design on the crust.

Le Delicieux’s physical store is located along Paz Guazon St. in Paco, Manila, but not to worry if you do not live nearby. They deliver via courier service. Simply make arrangements. Order two days in advance and pay through bank transfer. To order, call 8-5619601 (landline) or 0917-1272258 (Globe).

And, oh, since you are already ordering, know that Le Delicieux’s Blueberry Cream Cheese Loaf is also very good. You wouldn’t need a spread for it because the blueberry-cream cheese combination is enough to ensure a good mouthful with every bite.

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