Gel Salonga-Datu’s Strawberry Shortcake:
One of the Best!

Gel Salonga-Datu’s newest creation: Strawberry Shortcake Tub

COUNT on Gel Salonga-Datu to rise to the challenge of creating a new cake. Her newest creation: Strawberry Shortcake in a tub.

Known for her kakanin series of cheesecakes, Chef Gel focuses on a classic cake this time and transforms it into a different form. Her Strawberry Shortcake Tub is layers of pillowy soft chiffon cake, mildly sweetened cream and fresh Benguet strawberries in a convenient 7-inch tub. And because it is in a tub, the possibility of the cake keeping its form is higher than with a regular cake.

Strawberry Shortcake Tub is available for Php750 per tub. To order, message baker_gel_salonga on Instagram or call 0917-1883361. Lead time of three days needed.

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