Milk Tea Madness This July!

Thai Tea Milk Tea

LOVE milk tea? You’re not alone. Filipinos love milk tea. It is a cool, refreshing and playful beverage that comes with delightful sinkers such as chewy black pearls, pudding, jelly, nata de coco, aloe vera chunks and chia seeds. The smoothness of the milk tea goes perfectly with the gnawing textures of the sinkers. The drink has, through time, become an everyday feel-good staple that has captured the entire Philippines. Why, the Philippines ranks second among countries with the most number of bubble tea drinkers in Southeast Asia! Filipinos consume an average of five cups of milk tea in a month, and this is way more than the three cups of milk tea consumed by average Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans and Vietnamese in a month.

More than just trying out the different flavors of milk tea available in the market today, however, nothing can be more satisfying than being able to whip up a glass of delightfully refreshing milk tea on your own.

Yes, you can make your own professionally looking and tasting milk tea, and no one can tell the difference/ Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, the country’s leading distributor of top-quality coffee, tea and specialty beverage products, and partner to Manila’s biggest luxury hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, makes it even more satisfying this July with its Milk Tea Madness promo.

David Rio’s Elephant Vanilla Chai Tea

Ongoing until July 31, 2020, Equilibrium’s Milk Tea Madness offers a variety of milk tea bundles at special discounted prices. The company’s flavored powder products make crafting your personal milk tea concoctions at home easier and more enjoyable. Milk tea lovers availing of the bundles can enjoy selections like American specialty beverage company Mocafe’s Okinawa, Wintermelon, and Thai Tea Latte powders, as well as chai and tea company David Rio’s Chai, Assam, and Earl Grey powders. Each of the bundled offers come with Gippy Full Cream Milk and café-grade Torani syrups, to complete the full milk tea experience.

Milk Tea Madness bundles available this July

The perks do not end there, as customers who avail of any of the Milk Tea Madness bundles this July will be entitled to a 30% discount on selected products, the availability of which will vary per branch of Equilibrium.

To order product bundles, message Equilibrium on its Facebook page (, visit an Equilibrium branch, or call 0956-2644712.

To help you get started on your milk tea making experience at home, here are some recipes of classic milk tea concoctions to try. Who knows? It might help get you started on a simple, home-based milk tea business.


48cc Mocafe Okinawa Powder
120 ml. Dilmah Extra Strength Black Tea
90 ml. Gippy Milk
10 ml. Torani Cane Sugar Sweetener Syrup
3/4 cup ice

1. Combine all ingredients, except ice, in a shaker.
2. Shake until ingredients are fully blended.
3. Pour into a blender. Add ice. Blend until ice is roughly “chopped.”


48 cc Elephant Vanilla Chai
120 ml. Dilmah Extra Strength Black Tea
90 ml. Gippy Milk
10 ml. Torani Cane Sugar Sweetener Syrup
3/4 cup ice

1. Follow same instructions as with Okinawa Milk Tea.
2. Enjoy!

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