Rain or Shine, Foodpanda Delivers!

IT’S raining, it’s pouring, you’re hungry, and you need a quick food fix. But you don’t want to end up all drenched from the downpour. Foodpanda, the country’s on-demand delivery service, is willing to run that errand for you. Rain or shine, wet or scorching hot, whether you need to satisfy a food craving or pick up some daily essentials, foodpanda has got you covered.

Whatever the weather is, you do not need to leave the comforts of your home or fall in line at your favorite restaurant or your neighborhood grocery store. Simply check out foodpanda restaurants and shops on the foodpanda app, order your favorite sisig or sinigang, and wait comfortably at home for it to arrive in less than 30 minutes’ time.

What’s more: Enjoy up to 50% off and free delivery for selected restaurants and shops this July, so download the foodpanda app now.

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