Midnight Bakers’ Egg Yolk Cakes:
Alternative to Mooncakes

Midnight Bakers’ Egg Yolk Cakes, clockwise from front: White Monggo, Ube, and Black Monggo variants

ABSOLUTELY not! Stand in line to buy mooncakes at the local Chinese deli store, that is. So, why not opt for Egg Yolk Cakes instead?

Midnight Bakers’ Egg Yolk Cakes are the cutest little round cakes with a flaky crust and a salted egg yolk filling. What’s more: They can also come with pork floss filling. Egg yolk and pork floss together… Why not?

White Monggo

Black Monggo


These Egg Yolk Cakes come in three flavors: White Monggo, Black Monggo, and Ube. Each is P70 with plain egg yolk filling, and P80 with egg yolk and floss filling.

To order for delivery, call or send a text message to 0918-9628158. Payment options are online transactions through BDO and Cash on Delivery (COD).

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