Yes, You Can Have Halo-halo, Taho
and Iskrambol in Your Milk Tea!

At Kahatea, halayang ube milk tea is called Baguio

TIRED of ordering the same milk tea flavors over and over? Want to enjoy something different—something familiar but at the same time new and exciting—for a change? Why not try the Filipino-themed milk tea flavors of Kahatea?

Leche Flan Espesyal Milk Tea

Guimaras is mango lychee milk tea

Kahatea is the first fully Filipino-themed milk tea brand in the Philippines. With its name derived from the Filipino word ‘kahati,’ which means “to share,” Kahatea offers all-time Filipino treats in milk tea form. These include Iskrambol Milk Tea (or Ice Scramble, which is a shaved ice merienda with milk powder, chocolate syrup, pink food color, mini marshmallows, and both sagong itim and sagong puti, plus a hint of tea); Sultan Kudarat Milk Tea (the milk tea version of Halo-Halo, complete with halayang ube, leche flan, nata de coco, black pearls and coconut strips); the Taho Po! Milk Tea series, which has all three variants—Classic Taho Milk Tea, Ube Taho Milk Tea, and Strawberry Taho Milk Tea—teeming with taho bits and black pearls.

The Taho Po! series, from left: Ube Taho Milk Tea, Classic Taho Milk Tea, and Strawberry Taho Milk Tea

Laguna is kesong puti or cheesecake milk tea

Other Filipino favorites that also made it to the milk tea menu include Leche Flan, Halayang Ube, Tsoko Mani, Kesong Puti, Yema, and Benguet Strawberry. Some of these, however, took on the names of the places where they are most abundant because the business partners behind Kahatea, Angelo Horfilla and Angela Valdez, also want to take their customers on a tour of the Philippines through their milk tea.

True to its name, Kahatea offers “Kahatea promos” with drinks that are bundled together: Two 22oz. drinks of different flavors at a discounted price of Php189 (Kahatea or ‘to share’ bundle). Customers may opt to enjoy solo drinks (Walang Kahatea), though, at Php119 per drink.

To order, simply message 0927-9875211 or Kahatea’s Facebook page. Customers may also use the foodpanda app to search for the nearest Kahatea store around their area.

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