French Baker Celebrates Christmas
with Festive Breads and Pastries

The French Baker’s Brioche Bordelaise is a favorite of mine

BESIDES its staple of classic and innovative breads, pastries and confections, The French Baker offers a number of seasonal baked products on special occasions such as Christmas. This year, it continues its tradition of Christmas celebration with a Gingerbread House, Classic Fruitcake, Pure Danish Butter Cookies, and a surprisingly good recent discovery of mine, Brioche Bordelaise.

Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House (P920), when maintained at room temperature, will last until January 15, 2022.

The Classic Fruitcake

The 454-gram Classic Fruitcake (P510) is studded with cherries and nuts.

Pure Danish Butter Cookies

The big glass jar of Pure Danish Butter Cookies (P950) contains one kilogram of lovely cookies. The cookies are made of 100% pure butter.

Brioche Bordelaise

Inspired by the age-old tradition of French baking, the Brioche Bordelaise (P560) is like a festive Christmas wreath. It looks overly sweet, with its “frozen” sugar drips, but bite into it and it is just right. No sweetness overload.

These are available at all The French Baker branches and are also available for delivery via

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