Hong Kong MX Shares Edible Gifts
for Chinese New Year 2022

Hong Kong MX’s Petite Happiness Gift Set

LOOKING for edible gifts to share with family and friends on Chinese New Year apart from the usual tikoy (more known internationally as nian gao)?

Hong Kong MX, through its exclusive distributor Double Down Import and Export Inc., makes its presence felt in Manila once again with its entire line of delightful cookies and pastries for special occasions.

Egg RollsOriginal Egg Rolls are a Hong Kong MX signature product. Prepared with only the finest French butter, fresh egg, high-quality flour, sugar and water, Egg Rolls come in Original, Coconut, Chocolate and Matcha flavors. Gift boxes include Original Egg Rolls Gift Box (32 pieces), and Assorted Petite Egg Rolls (36 pieces).

Cookies—Hong Kong MX’s cookie selections have been combined in the brand’s new Crunch Cookies Gift Box, which contain 8 pieces each of Oat Cookies with Raisin (crispy cookies with lots of oats and raisins, with a malty aroma, and no transfat), Oat Cookies with Apple (with plenty of oats and dried apples), Chocolate Cookies (made with Cacao Barry’s cocoa powder from France), and Coffee Cookies (coffee gives them an extra kick), for a total of 32 pieces.

Pastries—Besides Egg Rolls and Cookies, Hong Kong MX is very proud of its Original Hearty Butter Pastry and Maple Syrup Flavor Hearty Butter Pastry, which are both crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside thanks to the use of pure New Zealand butter and a special double-baked method to get the right caramelized exterior. Then there is the Petite Almond Mille-feuille, which feature 192 layers of crispy almond-flavored pastry. These signature pastries are available in the New MX Exquisite Combo (33 pieces), MX Petite Joyful Gift Set (25 pieces of Petite Original Egg Rolls and Butter Cookies), MX Petite Happiness Gift Set (25 pieces combining Petite Original Egg Rolls, Original Hearty Butter Pastry, and Butter Cookies), Fat Choy Pastries Gift Box (18 pieces of Hearty Butter Pastry and Butter Cookies), and Jiu Jiu Choy Pastries Gift Box (12 pieces of Macadamia Nut Cookies and Petite Almond Mille-feuille). The latter two come in a beautiful and auspicious white tin can with rose-gold wrapping inspired by the Fat Choy tiles in Mahjong.

Also available for the season are Snack Packs with bite-sized treats. Variants include Original Mille-feuille, Chocolate Mille-feuille, Hearty Maple Pastry, Hearty Original Pastry, and Butter Cookies.

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