Masa Madre’s Holiday Breads:
Available Until This January

Festive breads from Masa Madre Bakehouse, from top: Tablea Puff, Pain aux Pistache, and Fruitcake Bi-color

IF you’ve heard a lot of good things about Masa Madre Bakehouse’s holiday bread collection but did not get a chance to try any of it last December (2022), do not worry. You can still catch a taste of the much talked about holiday bread collection this January (2023).
The collection is actually composed of six different types of bread:

Bibingka Croissant

Bibingka Croissant – croissant filled with smoke-burnt coconut, spread with salted egg buttercream, and topped with Cheddar cheese that has been charred for texture and flavor.

Puto Bumbong Croissant

Puto Bumbong Croissant – croissant filled with Pirurutong custard, salted butter, and fresh dried coconut on top.

Hamon et Queso Croissant

Hamon et Queso Croissant – croissant filled with truffle buttercream, layered with Cheddar cheese, and topped with candied hamon and parsley.

Tablea Puff

Tablea Puff – laminated dough filled with cream cheese tablea and zest of tablea on top.

Pain aux Pistache

Pain aux Pistache – round, flat laminated dough filled with pistachio custard and topped with chopped pistachio.

Fruitcake Bi-color

Fruitcake Bi-color – small, squash-shaped laminated dough filled with a generous piece of fruitcake whose glazed fruits have been soaked for three months.

“These holiday breads were inspired by the usual rice cakes and ham that we always have during Christmas in the Philippines,” explains Chef Kris Edison Tan, the master baker and brains behind Masa Madre Bakehouse.

To order, send a message to Masa Madre Bakehouse’s FB and IG accounts.

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