French Baker Introduces Hokkaido Cake

French Baker’s new Hokkaido Cake

THE secret of The French Baker’s continuous success is that it doesn’t rest on its laurels. It continues to innovate and introduce delicious new products that are sure to delight its loyal patrons.

Just last week, The French Baker launched its newest product at its newest store in plush Robinsons Magnolia along Aurora Blvd. in Quezon City. It’s called Hokkaido Cake, and it was developed in partnership with Fonterra Brands. A light, airy and butter-y sponge cake with a rich creamy center, Hokkaido Cake has universal appeal.

French Baker’s owner and president Johnlu Koa conducting a product demo with Fonterra’s advisory chef Pauline Lagdameo

Inspired by the soft, picturesque, snow-dusted terrain of Japan, this cake has found its way into the hearts and bellies of many because it’s so light it floats like a delicate soufflé and its scrumptious cream filling is a warm touch of French vanilla on the tongue. It was first launched in Malaysia, where it was received very warmly, and now Anchor and French Baker have brought it to Manila as the first product of the Cakes of the World line. Fonterra Brands developed the recipe using its flagship products Anchor Cream and Anchor Butter and brought it to the masterful kitchens and ovens of French Baker.

French Baker’s Johnlu Koa piping vanilla-flavored cream filling into the center of each Hokkaido Cake

During the launch, French Baker’s founder, owner and president himself, Johnlu Koa, conducted a product demo alongside Fonterra’s advisory chef Pauline Lagdameo. He admitted to being hesitant in the beginning, because French Baker’s expertise is obviously breads and pastries, and making cakes involves an entirely different process. But once Koa tried it and saw the potential in it, he said Yes, and the partnership was sealed.

To make Hokkaido Cake, Koa beat egg whites with cream of tartar in a stand mixer until soft peaks formed and set it aside. (*The cream of tartar is meant to stabilize the egg whites and make air bubbles become finer.) In another bowl, he whisked together melted Anchor Butter with fresh milk and egg yolks, then he added sifted flour. Afterwards, he folded the egg yolk mixture into the whipped egg white mixture. He scooped the batter into square paper molds designed especially for the Hokkaido Cake until three-fourths full. He baked them in an oven and, while waiting, made the cream-based vanilla-flavored filling. When the cakes came out from the oven and got a bit cooked, he piped filling directly onto the center, dusted the cakes with confectioners’ sugar, and then topped them with assorted sliced fresh fruits.

Hokkaido Cake topped with assorted sliced fresh fruits

Hokkaido Cake, which is now available in all French Baker outlets, comes in single pieces at P65 per piece and in rectangular boxes of 5 at P295 per box. Delightful to eat as dessert or light snack, French Baker’s Hokkaido Cake is also an ideal edible present to give away this Christmas season.

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