Adobo Flakes with Adobo Rice

IMG_1081-fol-copyI’VE always been fascinated with adobo flakes, which a number of restaurants serve for breakfast. They’re delicious, flavorful and crunchy, and they’re perfect with fried egg and garlic rice. The thing is, I have virtually taken red meat off my regular diet, and most restaurants who serve adobo flakes make their adobo flakes from pork adobo. So I thought, one day I’d make my own, using chicken adobo instead. Well, this morning (January 27, 2014), I decided to make that happen. I had leftover Chicken and Bangus Adobo, which I cooked last Saturday (January 25, 2014), and it’s sitting in the fridge. It’s either I simply reheated the dish for another meal or I turned it into adobo flakes and gave it a new face. I decided on the latter and went happily to work on it in the kitchen, after which I plated it nicely, complete with sliced tomatoes and wansuy (coriander or cilantro sprigs), and served breakfast plated for a change.

After breakfast, nothing was left on the plate except the egg yolk. Success!

2 pcs. chicken legs from leftover adobo
vegetable oil for frying
2 tbsps. olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 cups cooked rice, loosely packed
4-5 tbsps. adobo sauce from leftover adobo
salt to taste
2 eggs, fried
2 pcs. ripe tomatoes, sliced
sprigs of wansuy (cilantro or coriander)

1. Fish out 2 pcs. chicken legs from leftover adobo. Flake the meat finely.
2. Heat vegetable oil in saucepan, and fry flaked adobo meat in batches until brown and crisp. Take care not to overcook them or they’d turn bitter and hard. Remove and drain off excess oil on paper towels. Set aside.
3. In a wok or sauté pan, heat olive oil. Sauté garlic until fragrant. Add cooked rice, and stir. Add adobo sauce, stir well to distribute sauce evenly in the rice, and season with salt to taste if needed.
4. Scoop rice into a cup, unmold rice on plate, arrange adobo flakes on one side, plus tomato slices and fried egg. Garnish with sprigs of wansuy or crispy garlic. Serve.

Makes 2 servings.

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