Keratin Complex Launches New Menu of Services

Models, with Zulusibs Inc. general manager Jaton Zulueta (extreme left) and Keratin Complex VP-international sales Mindy Dillan, showing their 'before' photos and sporting their new hairstyles achieved with Keratin Complex's new Menu of Services

Models, with Zulusibs Inc. general manager Jaton Zulueta (extreme left) and Keratin Complex VP-international sales Mindy Dillan (sixth from left), showing their ‘before’ photos and sporting their new hairstyles achieved with Keratin Complex’s new Menu of Services

LET’S take a break from our many dining discoveries and adventures and peek at what’s happening in the hairstyling industry with this post. After all, even the most serious foodies need to look good and feel good, and it’s always nice to be able to keep up with the times.

Well, we all know that for a time, hair rebonding was all the rage. Women, especially those with naturally curly hair who wanted to have long, silky, straight hair, were paying thousands of pesos on a regular basis just to be able to enjoy their long, silky, straight hair. Then it became hair relaxing. But although hair rebonding and hair relaxing lorded it over the beauty scene for a while, people started noticing that, well, the straightening procedures employed in hair rebonding and hair relaxing left them with stick straight hair that was difficult to color and style.

A group of industry innovators in the United States took note of this and started experimenting with new treatments that can make hair healthier and more beautiful each time clients availed of the service instead of the other way around. Now comes the brand Keratin Complex, which was the result of having leading chemists and industry experts working together towards a common goal.

Keratin Complex products

Keratin Complex products

KC_EBO_4oz_silo_x (NXPowerLite)Keratin Complex harnesses the power of keratin, an essential hair protein, to come up with a smoothing technique that produces gorgeous hair without harming it in the process. For the new technology that it introduced, Keratin Complex has won the Stylist’s Choice Awards in the U.S. for Best Smoothing Company for six straight years. The good news is that Keratin Complex, which changed the face of the hair industry, is now in the Philippines.

The brand was actually launched in 2007, and it was brought to the Philippines in 2010 by Zulusibs Inc., but, just recently, it launched its new Menu of Services over lunch at Sala Bistro in Greenbelt, Makati City, with Keratin Complex vice president-international sales Mindy Dillan in attendance. It drummed up more awareness about the brand.

“Keratin Complex introduced a smoothing system which gave hair a more natural look while keeping it young shiny and beautiful. The key is the protein keratin, and its power has made curly hair wavy, wavy hair straight, and everyone’s hair shiny, frizz-free and more manageable,” explains Jaton Zulueta, general manager of Zulusibs Inc.

8191 (NXPowerLite)keratin picasa 1keratin picasa 2The premier smoothing brand’s newly launched Menu of Services, which uses the brand’s line of products, consists of seven different services or seven smooth ways for clients to enjoy Keratin Complex’s inventive smoothing system.

1. The Signature Smoothing Solution — for long-term smooth hair. Dubbed as the ultimate in salon services, this award-winning treatment gives clients sexy and smooth hair for five months. It reduces frizz and curl by up to 95%. The meticulous takes two hours in the salon and requires clients to refrain from shampooing their hair for three days.
2. Express Blowout — for busy women who want smooth hair. The treatment, which results in the same silky smooth finish for the hair, takes only one hour in the salon and lasts up to six weeks. Clients are only refrained from shampooing their hair for eight hours after the treatment. It also allows clients to have their hair colored on the same day.
3. Same Day Smoother — for same day shampoo. Clients who have an important event to attend on the same day can avail of this service, as it gives them soft, shiny hair with no downtime. Hair can immediately be washed after the service, using Keratin Complex Shampoo, and the treatment has an effect that lasts for up to three months.
4. Curl Tamer — for smooth curly hair. This treatment proves that smooth hair doesn’t always have to be straight hair and is a fresh approach to giving curls a boost. It takes out the frizz, so that the curls get more defined and manageable for a fuller, healthier look. Results last up to two months.
5. Smooth Meets Color — for same day smoothness and color. This treatment locks in color and shine for a long period and is perfect after an Express Blowout or other Keratin Complex services.
6. Spot Smoother — to fix problem areas. For clients whose hair problem is concentrated on, say, damaged bangs, cowlicks or ends, this smoothing treatment is target-specific and solves the problem in an instant.
7. Smooth for Men—for men who need a solution for frizzy hair. Who says hair smoothing treatments are needed only by women? Men, too, need to have a sleek, polished look, and all it takes is one hour to achieve it. This treatment is great for men who want to grow their naturally curly hair but without the unruly frizz.

These services are now available in salons. For more information, email

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