Banana-Malunggay Smoothie

Originally posted on March 13, 2013

banana-malunggay smoothie copyJUST got back from San Miguel Pure Foods Guerilla Food Tour, which took Raff and I and a coaster load of our colleagues in media to Tagaytay, Alfonso and Silang, Cavite. We stayed overnight at Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay, where San Miguel Pure Foods’ new products, the Chicken Sausage and the Magnolia Brown Eggs,were introduced over breakfast this morning (March 13, 2013).

After the hearty buffet breakfast, Nurture Spa’s Chef Laurence Porras conducted a quick demo on how to prepare healthy detox smoothies to cleanse and heal the body. He prepared three interesting kinds – Banana-Malunggay, Kale-Lemon, and Pechay-Saluyot-Mango. While each smoothie had its own interesting flavor profile, the one that I liked best was the Banana-Malunggay Smoothie.

Of course, you can never go wrong with banana. Wherever you put it, be it a shake, a juice or a smoothie, banana’s always a winner, both in taste and in nutrition. It’s a good source of fiber and potassium.

For its part, malunggay is a power-packed vegetables that’s good for the entire body. Malunggay enjoys a heightened interest and attention these days, so much so that it is added to almost anything – a vegetable dish, a soup, event noodles.

According to Chef Laurence, the Banana-Malunggay Smoothie he made this morning is a potent shot of health booster for the body. It aids in dieting or losing excess weight and helps one feel lighter and more energetic throughout the day. A shot or more of Banana-Malunggay Smoothie every morning should do your body wonders.
So, if you’re ready to try this potent fruit-and-vegetable smoothie drink, here’s how to make it.

1/4 cup malunggay leaves, cleaned and removed from the stem
2 pcs. señorita bananas (or 1 pc. of latundan or lakatan banana)
1 cup crushed ice
2 tsps. honey

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
2. Process until smooth.
3. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy.

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