Jelly Drink with Collagen, Anyone?

Jelly Vit Jelly Drinks

Jelly Vit Jelly Drinks

SEVERAL years ago, when I joined a group of Filipino journalists who were invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand-Philippines (TAT-Philippines) to go on a familiarization tour and food trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, the group “discovered” something peculiar.

I was in the company of friends—Chef Heny Sison (food columnist of Philippine Star), Norma Chikiamco (then with Food Magazine but now columnist of Philippine Daily Inquirer), Joseph Tan Chee (then food editor of Manila Bulletin), Marlon Aldenese (then webmaster and now advertising manager of Cook Magazine), and Anson Yu (contributing writer of Appetite Magazine). I was handling Flavors Magazine back then. We were staying at Rarijinda Resort & Spa, which had a beautiful tropical forest-garden layout.

In one of our scheduled trips outside the hotel, we got back to the hotel after dinner. I have forgotten who, but one of those in the group had to drop by the 7-Eleven branch near the hotel to get some toiletries. The rest of us got down, as well, and curiously checked out the items on sale at 7-Eleven, although of course it was not on our itinerary. There, in the refrigerated section of 7-Eleven, we found a beverage that amused everyone of us. It had Glutathione as an ingredient, and it was the height of the Gluta craze in Manila, but it was confined to beauty products only. Never a drink. So someone bought and tried it to see how Glutathione tastes like. No such luck, though. It had no distinct taste that separated it from the rest of the drink. But we went back to the hotel amused and endlessly talking about it.

Apparently, it was a worldwide trend that got to Thailand first, because I recently found similarly curious beverages when I recently visited the 7-Eleven branch near my sister’s house in Mandaluyong, where my husband Raff and I are temporarily staying as he recovers from stroke. It is called Jelly Vit Jelly Drink, an imported drink that is distributed in the Philippines by Monde Nissin Corporation.

I found two variants of Jelly Vit Jelly Drink—Lychee Flavor with Collagen & Vitamin C; and Calamansi Flavor with Vitamins A, C & E—although when I checked on Google, there is apparently a third variant called Strawberry Flavor with L-Glutathione. The jelly drink is packaged in a 150ml. silver pouch with a resealable spout, each jelly drink has 60 kcalories.

Since the silver packaging prevents me from seeing through it and I got really curious as to how the drink really looks, so I cut off the spout of one and poured out the contents. It is one whole chunk of jelly, broken down only when you sip it through the spout, but the spout itself extends down to a scoop-like half-straw that does not scoop out all the jelly for you to enjoy unless you sip hard. The jelly drink, though, is quite good, so a little tweak on the packaging should do the trick.

And think of it—this jelly drink gives you a good amount of either Collagen, L-Glutathione, or Vitamins A, C & E.

Best enjoyed chilled!

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