Jolly Creamy Chicken Mushroom Burger

Jolly Creamy Chicken Mushroom Burger (1)A NEW school year has started, and mommies are once again on their toes trying to find new and healthy baon ideas for their kids. You know what your kids like, but fast-food burgers are not something you would feed your kids on a regular basis. So, why not make them healthier by mixing your own homemade burgers and substitute chicken for beef? White meat is leaner and healthier than red meat. Just do not add the chicken skin, and you’re good to go. By making homemade burgers, you are assured that only healthy stuff goes into your kids’ food.

Here’s a handy recipe courtesy of Jolly, the country’s leading canned fruit and vegetable brand, which is imported and distributed by Fly Ace Corporation. Jolly canned food products are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

For the chicken patties:
500 grams ground chicken
3 Tbsps. soy sauce
4 Tbsps. chopped onion
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 tsps. dried thyme

1. Combine ingredients in a bowl. Mix well.
2. To prepare patties, roll 1/4 cup of the mixture into a ball, then flatten with your palms.
3. Pan-fry the patties on both sides, and drain off excess oil on paper towels.

For the mushroom gravy:
2 Tbsps. butter
1 Tbsp. chopped onion
1 can Jolly Pieces & Stems Mushrooms
1 can Jolly Cream of Mushroom Soup (10.5oz.)
1/2 cup Jolly Cow Fresh Milk
1 tsp. ground black pepper

1. Heat pan and add butter. Sauté onion and mushrooms.
2. Add cream of mushroom soup, milk, salt and ground black pepper.
3. Simmer until mixture thickens.
4. Serve on the side in a condiments bowl or pour sauce over the chicken burger,

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