Coconut Choco Fondue with Fruit Skewers

Coconut Choco Fondue with Fruit Skewers

Coconut Choco Fondue with Fruit Skewers

GETTING into the holidays, you will surely be kept busy by social appointments with family, relatives, friends, colleagues, former workmates, and clients. There will be parties everywhere, with some of them being potluck affairs. So it is important to widen your menu of dishes to take with you to potluck parties.

If you intend to bring dessert, know that a lot of your fellow guests will be bringing cakes, pies, cookies and bars because they are convenient. Jolly, a leading brand of canned vegetables and fruits, suggests making Coconut Choco Fondue with Fruit Skewers. It is an impressive dessert to bring, and, while it may sound complicated, it is actually easy to prepare and serve. Check out this recipe shared by Fly Ace Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Jolly in the Philippines. Preparation time is only 10 minutes, and cooking time is 5 minutes. No need for complicated preparations and baking.

1 440-ml. Jolly Coconut Milk
1/2 kg. dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 825-gram Jolly Peach Halves, drained and chopped
1 565-gram Jolly Lychees, drained
12 pcs. fresh strawberries, halved

1. Heat Jolly Coconut Milk in a pot until almost boiling. Stir in chocolate pieces and mix until melted.
2. Keep melted chocolate warm. Set aside.
3. Alternately thread Jolly Peach Halves, Jolly Lychees and fresh strawberries through skewers.
4. Serve fruit skewers with warm coconut chocolate fondue.

Serves 6.

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