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Deep-fried Chicken Cordon Bleu
(Jolly Canola Heart Mate Oil)

LOVE Chicken Cordon Bleu? It is a dish that sounds snobbish and looks complicated to make but is actually easy to replicate at home. Yes, it is fried, but if you use a light and healthy oil and fry it … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes
for Christmas

OF course you will have pasta on your Noche Buena table. After all, noodles symbolize long life or longevity, so you make sure you always have noodles on the table whenever there’s a special occasion, such as birthday or Christmas. … Continue reading

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The No. 1 Sparkling Mineral Water
Is Now in the Philippines!

GOOD news to all health buffs and fans of sparkling mineral water: Gerolsteiner, the world’s No. 1 natural sparkling mineral water, is now in the Philippines. Brought in by Fly Ace Corporation, Germany’s most trusted sparkling mineral water brand was … Continue reading

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Jolly University Welcomes Culinary Students

CULINARY arts students who aspire to become top chefs someday now have all the opportunities to make this dream come true with Jolly University. A learning program put together by Fly Ace Corporation’s Jolly brand, which is a leading brand … Continue reading

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Lotus Biscoff Caramelized Biscuits:
Europe’s Fave Now in Manila

THERE’S no better way to enjoy a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee than with bites of deliciously crunchy Lotus Biscoff caramelized biscuits. This is why Lotus Biscoff cookies have been Europe’s coffee break favorite since 1932. In 1985, it … Continue reading

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