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Makati Shangri-La Hotel’s Shang Palace
Unveils New Signature Dishes

MAKATI Shangri-La Hotel’s premiere Cantonese restaurant, Shang Palace, has always been one of the standards by which other Chinese restaurants are measured. What makes it tick is the fact that it not only serves awesome tasting Chinese dishes using the … Continue reading

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Makati Shangri-La Hotel Introduces
China’s Huaiyang Cuisine

JUST when you think you’re already familiar with all the regional cuisines of China, somebody introduces a new and unfamiliar one that nonetheless tickles your fancy because the food is good. If you’ve never heard of, much less tasted, Huaiyang … Continue reading

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Oysters Galore on Monday Nights!

Originally posted on March 05, 2013. HOW many ways can you prepare oysters? Let’s see… Well, there’s fresh oysters on ice, which is common in hotel buffets; and there’s Oyster Rockefeller (oysters on half shell, topped with spinach and butter … Continue reading

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Prosperity Toss
for the Chinese New Year!

IT’S Chinese New Year on Sunday, February 10, 2013. The Chinese New Year, which follows the Lunar Calendar, happens to fall on this auspicious date this year, which is the start of the Year of the Water Snake. And since … Continue reading

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All the Gold in California Raisin Foccacia
(Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm)

Originally posted on June 7, 2012 RAISINS are a very familiar type of food worldwide. It’s a kind of comfort food that we all (well, almost all!) grew up eating. They go into our breads, pastries and desserts. We munch … Continue reading

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