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Kani Sarada Sandwich
(on Conspire Bakery Loaf Bread)

I LIKE bread. I used to have only sandwich, pastry or bread for breakfast. These days, though, I usually have a little pancit (most of the time Pancit Bihon or Pancit Miki-Bihon) with my sandwich because I need extra energy … Continue reading

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Spiral Pasta Salad with Egg and Tuna

BESIDES spaghetti, I like to use penne and spiral pasta whenever I make pasta dishes at home. Sometimes, however, I find myself with a little excess pasta on hand because I like my sauce rich and thick on my pasta. … Continue reading

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Kani Salad

CHICKEN Teriyaki, Ebi Tempura, California Maki, Salmon Sashimi, Kani Salad… These are the most frequently ordered items on the menu of Japanese restaurants, be it a high-end restaurant or a fast-food chain. No matter how extensive some menus can be, … Continue reading

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Endive & Banana Heart Salad
With Pomelo and Walnuts
(Chef Jeff Claudio of Burnt Ends)

LAST July (2015), I blogged about the visit of Chef Jeff Claudio to the Philippines. The head chef of Burnt Ends in Singapore, he has worked for some of the top restaurants in the country, including Noma, a two Michelin … Continue reading

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Rainbow Salad with Basil-Lemon Vinaigrette
(Chef Marie Gonzalez for The Maya Kitchen)

LOOKING for a light and healthy salad that’s at the same time delicious and flavorful? I stumbled upon one today, July 5, 2014, when I attended the A Vegan Affair with Chef Marie Gonzalez interactive cooking class at The Maya … Continue reading

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