Steamed or Fried?
Just Enjoy XO46’s Frozen Dim Sum

XO46’s Pork and Prawn Dumplings come in frozen form

WHETHER you like your siomai or dumplings steamed or fried, you’d love the new frozen dimsums offered by XO46 Heritage Bistro. They are fully cooked and ready to steam or fry for just a few minutes, and you’ve got freshly cooked food to go with your rice. Convenient, easy to prepare, and delicious real food in an instant.

XO46’s new frozen dim sum line comes in four variants

Packaged in 15-piece packs that sell for Php345 per pack, XO46’s frozen dim sums come in four variants: Chili Crab Dumplings, Prawn and Pork Siomai, Pinsec Frito, and Shark’s Fin Dumplings.

Steamed Chili Crab Dumplings

Fried Chili Crab Dumplings

Chili Crab Dumplings are made of pork, vegetables and crab with a little chili. They can be steamed or fried, depending on your preference.

Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumplings

Fried Pork and Prawn Dumplings

Prawn and Pork Siomai is made of pork and prawn chunks with water chestnuts and spring onion. It can also be enjoyed steamed or fried.

XO46’s Pinsec Frito is fried to golden perfection

Pinsec Frito is a classic fried dim sum made of pork, prawn, carrots, spring onion and garlic. It takes on a triangular shape and packs in a crunch that makes you reach for one more piece—and another.

Steamed Shark’s Fin Dumplings

Fried Shark's Fin

Fried Shark’s Fin Dumplings

Shark’s Fin Dumplings are a classic dim sum that is shaped to look like the shark’s dorsal fin sticking out of the water. The name refers only to its shape because no real shark’s fins were used in the product, which is actually made of pork, spring onion and tanigue fish.

XO46’s Chili Garlic Oil

They all go very well with XO46’s Chili Garlic Oil, a small bottle of which sells at Php230 and a big bottle for Php350.

You can save a lot of hard-earned money and still get to indulge in Xo46’s delicious frozen dim sums, though, by availing of the ongoing Dimsum Family Bundle promo. Get four packs of dim sum with a bottle of Chili Garlic Oil for a package price of Php1,250 with the promo. You get to save Php380 from what would otherwise cost you Php1,630.

To order, visit the brand’s website at or call 0945-6158255, 0927-5907335 and 8855-36566.

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