Midnight Bakers Offers
a Different Kind of Mooncake

Midnight Bakers’ delicious mooncakes

MOONCAKES for the Mid-Autumn Festival… Oh, yes, they are! They do not look like the usual square or round shape with a flattened top whose golden brown outer pastry is embossed with Chinese characters. Instead, Midnight Bakers’ mooncakes take on a round—really round—shape, following the shape of the salted egg yolk within. No embossed Chinese characters here, just a lovely flaky crust.

These mooncakes come in three flavors—Black Monggo, White Monggo, and Ube—and customers may choose to have them plain or with pork floss or nuts. They are sold in boxes of 6, with plain ones priced at Php450 per box and with pork floss or nuts priced at Php510 per box.

To order, call 0917-6267211. Delivery charge via courier to be shouldered by client. Allow one day lead time.

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