Marinduque’s Bibingkang Boac

Bibingkang Boac

DIFFERENT regions and provinces in the country have their own versions of kakanins (native delicacies), particularly the bibingka. Over in the Southern Tagalog island province of Marinduque, there is a rice cake called Bibingkang Boac, also known as Bibingkang Lalaki because it has eggs in it.

Bibingkang Boac is named after the capital of Marinduque, which is Boac, where it is a specialty. A huge bibingka that is as big as a pizza, it is made with tuba (coconut sap wine) in place of yeast, which explains why, when cooked, the bibingka stays moist on the inside despite being cooked thoroughly over burning coconut husks.

To enjoy this delicacy, Marinduqueños from other municipalities—Torrijos, Sta. Cruz, Gasan, Mogpog and Buenavista—often have to take that trip to Boac to get their hands on Bibingkang Boac. It is best enjoyed freshly off the fire.

A week before the National Capital Region lockdown followed immediately by the Enhanced Community Quarantine of the entire island of Luzon, I got to enjoy Bibingkang Boac, which my sister-in-law Lanie Zulueta-Marquez brought to the house along with boiled peanuts and suman from her and my husband Raff’s hometown, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque.

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