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The Commissariat Brings
Bacolod Specialties to Manila

THOSE who have been to Bacolod know that this Western Visayan city is a haven for delicious pastries, cakes, chorizos and seafood. Try them once and you will keep going back for more. This is why foreign and domestic travelers … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended:
Carrot Cake with Burnt Butter Cream Cheese
by Flour Pot Manila

THIS is unlike any carrot cake you have ever tasted. For one, it is super heavy. Lift the box and you feel the weight of the moist and dense carrot cake within. Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila’s Carrot Cake with … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended:
Helen’s Guava Cake
by Moniquecakesph

LOVE everything guava like my friend, travel buddy and colleague over at Daily Tribune, Roel Hoang Manipon? My husband Raff also loved guava stuff before his second stroke confined him to the bed even now, his favorites being guava juice … Continue reading

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Highly Recommended:
Cocoa Nelusko Cake
by Chelley Belly Bakes

IF you love chocolate cakes and are constantly on the lookout for really good ones, especially one that will give you that familiar taste that you love but at the same time offer you something new and exciting, then you … Continue reading

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Make Mooncake Festival Special
with Kee Wah Bakery’s Mooncakes

WHAT’S the best way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is better known as simply the Mooncake Festival? Why, sharing really good mooncakes with family and friends, of course! Fortunately, there is Kee Wah Bakery’s line of mooncakes from Hong … Continue reading

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