Coffee Jelly
(Chef Eugene Raymundo)

The Coffee Jelly I made using Chef Eugene Raymundo’s recipe

I HAVE always loved coffee jelly. When cafés were all the rage and fraps lorded it over the ice blended coffee concoctions, I liked mine with coffee jelly. Even in desserts, I loved coffee jelly. This is why I was glad to see my good friend, former FLAVORS Magazine columnist and extremely talented chef Eugene Raymundo, post on FB the coffee jelly that he made. I asked for the recipe (as I did with a lot of other dishes and desserts that he made and posted during the lockdown), and he obliged. So I recently made Eugene’s coffee jelly, chilled it in the ref, and had it for dessert. Yummy! And easy, too!

4 boxes unflavored instant gulaman (Ferna or Sarap Pinoy)
2 Tbsps. instant coffee
1 cup water
1 tetra pack all-purpose cream
1/3 can condensed milk

1. Cook gelatin according to package directions, substituting half of the water with strong coffee (*which is 2 Tbsps. instant coffee dissolved in 1 cup water). Pour into a food keeper or pan, and let cool. Chill until firm.
2. Cut coffee jelly into cubes. Pour dressing over coffee jelly cubes, and chill until ready to serve.
3. To make the dressing, mix all-purpose cream and condensed milk until well-blended.

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