Rico’s Lechon Now at 7-Eleven!

Rico’s Lechon Paksiw and Lechon Dinuguan are now available at select 7-Eleven stores in Luzon

DON’T look now, but, yes, Rico’s Lechon, which is considered as Cebu’s best lechon, is now available at 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven, one of the leading convenience store chains in the Philippines, has just established a partnership with Meat Concepts Corporation to bring Rico’s Lechon’s famous “crispy, juicy and flavorful” lechon to 7-Eleven in the form of hot rice meals under its Chef Creations meal line. So, now, 7-Eleven customers can enjoy two special meals at affordable prices—Rico’s Lechon Paksiw and Lechon Dinuguan.

Rico’s Lechon Paksiw

Lechon Paksiw is chopped Rico’s lechon simmered in vinegar and garlic and served with rice at Php99.

Rico’s Lechon Dinuguan

Lechon Dinuguan is Rico’s lechon simmered in rich, spicy, dark gravy made of pig’s blood and served with rice for Php95.

These two variants are now available in select 7-Eleven stores in Luzon and will soon be available in Pampanga and Batangas.

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