New Fried Chicken to Love:
KooKoo Is the Name!

KooKoo Fried Chicken is seasoned with 12 spices to make it burst with flavor with every bite

FRIED chicken lovers, rejoice! There is a new fried chicken to love in town, and it goes by the name KooKoo (short for the Greek word ‘Kookoopoulo,’ which means chicken).

KooKoo Fried Chicken is unlike the thickly battered commercial fried chicken from fast-food restaurants. It is fried chicken that is seasoned with 12 spices and twice-fried to keep the juiciness inside while it is crispy outside.

The chicken comes with a generous helping of herbed gravy

KooKoo Fried Chicken is available in 1-pc. chicken with rice (Php120), 2-pc. chicken with rice (Php180), 6-pc. a la carte chicken (Php46Smilie: 8), 8-pc. chicken (Php616), 10-pc. chicken (Php760), 15 pcs. (Php1,125), and 20 pcs. (Php1,440). The chicken comes with a generous serving of herbed gravy (total of 12 herbs).

To order, call or text 0917-6267211 or utak.10/store/midnightbakers2020. Allow two hours’ lead time.

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