Poison Coffee & Doughnuts
Pairs Cheesy Doughnuts with Sangria

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts’ cheesy doughnuts, clockwise from top left: Truffled Honey Manchego Doughnut, Camembert Walnut Doughnut, and Sharp Cheddar Chocolate Doughnut, with Mock Red Sangria

WHEN someone mentions cheesy doughnuts to you, what comes to mind? Old-fashioned sugar-dusted doughnuts filled with cheese? Oh, but when it is Poison Coffee & Doughnuts rolling out its newest “cheesy doughnuts” offering, expect something more flamboyant, creative and out-of-this-world than that.

Think Camembert, Sharp Cheddar, and Manchego cheese, and you’re on the right track.

Poison has just released three unique variants of Cheese Doughnuts crafted by Poison’s ultra talented pastry chef Sonny Mariano and assistant chef Mara Cayabyab. These are Camembert Walnut Doughnut, Truffle Honey Manchego Doughnut, and Sharp Cheddar Chocolate Doughnut.

Camembert Walnut Doughnut

Camembert Walnut Doughnut (Php120) is a filled doughnut with caramelized walnuts and raspberry jam glaze topping and oozing with a Camembert custard filling.

Truffled Honey Manchego Doughnut

Truffled Honey Manchego Doughnut (Php120) is a truffled honey glazed doughnut topped with Manchego shavings and bacon apple compote.

Sharp Cheddar Chocolate Doughnut

Sharp Cheddar Chocolate Doughnut (Php120) is a milk chocolate glazed doughnut topped with Sharp Cheddar cheese, almonds, dark chocolate, and cranberries.

Mock Red Sangria

Providing the perfect match for these Cheese Doughnuts are four Sangria choices—Sparkling Red Sangria (P195), a classic sangria with red wine, brandy, orange juice, soda and fruits; Sparkling White Sangria (P195), a bubbly sangria with white wine, gin, white grape juice, soda and fruits; Mock Red Sangria (P160), non-alcoholic sangria with red grape juice, citrus juice, soda and fruits; and Mock White Sangria (P160), containing white grape juice, citrus juice, soda and fruits.

These doughnuts and sangria drinks are available for dine-in, take-out and delivery via tasteless.ph, poison.pickup.ph, Grab, foodpanda, Pick-a-Roo and Rider Ko until September 10, 2022.

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