Spiral Pasta Salad with Egg and Tuna

Spiral Pasta Salad with Egg and Tuna

Spiral Pasta Salad with Egg and Tuna

BESIDES spaghetti, I like to use penne and spiral pasta whenever I make pasta dishes at home. Sometimes, however, I find myself with a little excess pasta on hand because I like my sauce rich and thick on my pasta. So what do I do with leftover pasta?

I make a pasta salad with it. Spiral pasta is perfect in a salad because it is equivalent to one bite or mouthful. More than just being easy to prepare, this salad is good because the different flavors of the ingredients used meld together perfectly. The strong flavor of tuna with lemon and pepper complements the subtle flavors of cooked pasta and boiled egg. You can even add lettuce into it, if you wish, and the flavors would still come together harmoniously as a treat for the palate.

The recipeā€¦

1-2 cups leftover cooked spiral pasta
1/4 cup Gold Seas tuna in lemon and pepper
1-2 boiled eggs, cut into cubes
Japanese mayonnaise

1. Assemble spiral pasta, tuna and boiled egg on salad plate.
2. Pipe Japanese mayonnaise on the ingredients.
3. Serve.DSCF0526

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