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Peppermill Restaurant and Mixology Bar
Serves Up Delightful Gourmet Treats

MOST successful caterers start as restaurateurs. They build their business and name and then expand their business by going into catering. For Chef Vince Rodriguez, the brains behind Peppermill Restaurant and Peppermill Caterers, it happened the other way around. He … Continue reading

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It’s Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea!

YES, it’s Sakura Season in Japan, and the Cherry Blossoms are abound, painting the entire country pink and white. It’s a wonderful time to be in Japan, but, alas, not everyone can afford to fly to Japan to experience it. … Continue reading

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The Best Halo-Halo in the Metro

ASK any serious halo-halo connoisseur which Halo-halo is the best in the metro, and surely the Halo-Halo of Milky Way will make it to the top. Ask me, and I’ll tell you it’s the best Halo-Halo in town. It’s something … Continue reading

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Green Tea Cupcakes

I LOVE everything green tea. My PR friend Nana Nadal knows that. She has, time and again, surprised me with green tea stuff, such as green tea candy, green tea pastilles, green tea ice cream, even made-to-order Green Tea Cupcakes … Continue reading

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