Popped Rice / Puffed Rice

Popped Rice or Puffed Rice

POPPED rice or puffed rice? I really do not know what the right term is for this delightfully sweet and crunchy rice snack, but my new caregiving and housekeeping assistant Jing Molis introduced me to it recently. Being a food writer and columnist and cookbook author and editor, I am always curious about food stuff, especially those I am not familiar with. So, one day, while we were eating and engaging in small talk about leftover rice, Jing mentioned about her favorite tummy filler when she was young. She also made some good money selling it in school whenever she did not have baon in her pocket.

Popped rice. Or puffed rice. Whatever. But it is basically leftover rice, better known as bahaw in Filipino, that is sun-dried until completely dry. Then it is fried in hot oil, batch by batch, until puffed or popped and light golden in color. The rice kernels are then removed from the hot oil and allowed to cool down and have the excess oil drained off on a paper towel, brown sugar is cooked in oil until caramelized. The rice is mixed in, drained off, and left to cool. It is then scooped into paper cones and popped into the mouth.

Depending on the quality of the leftover rice and the way it has been dried, the popped rice should be smooth to the bite—and the crunch will definitely be there.

2 cups leftover cooked rice
cooking oil for deep-frying
3/4 cup brown sugar

1. Spread out leftover cooked rice on a bilao. Sun-dry until completely dry, which usually takes two days.
2. When ready to cook, heat oil in pan. When very hot, start deep-frying the dried rice kernels. Test if oil is ready by dropping a few rice kernels. Once they pop or puff up, drop the rest of the rice kernels in manageable batches. Cook until puffed up, then remove from oil and drain off excess oil on paper towels.
3. Drop brown sugar into the pan. Cook in oil until caramelized. Drop in the puffed rice and mix to coat completely. Remove from oil and transfer to a bowl. You can leave the puffed rice as is then scoop into paper cones when cool or shape them into balls while still basically hot to make them stick together.

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What’s Hot:
Workshop’s New Decadent Cakes
for Moms on Mother’s Day

Workshop’s Leche Flan Tres Leches Cake for Mother’s Day

GOOD news for those who are looking for that ultimate sweet treat to gift Mom with this Mother’s Day: Workshop Bespoke Bakery by Le Petit Soufflé has whipped up quite a few new, decadent cakes just in time for this happy occasion.

Two of these cakes have been particularly created for Mother’s Day but will be available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery until July 31, 2022. These are the Leche Flan Tres Leches Cake and the Nutty Brazo Sansrival.

Selling at Php360 per slice and Php2,250 per whole cake, the Leche Flan Tres Leches Cake is a rich and creamy treat with layers of tres leches soaked sponge cake, Chantilly cream, fresh mangoes and strawberries in between, a generous layer of leche flan sitting on top, and outlined with fresh mangoes and strawberries on top.

The Nutty Brazo Sansrival, which retails at Php350 per slice and Php2,000 per whole cake, is Workshop’s take on the classic Filipino dessert—with layers of thick Brazo de Mercedes custard and cashew dacquoise, frosted with vanilla buttercream, and topped with caramelized pili nuts.

Matcha French Flan

Then there is the Matcha French Flan, another delightful new cake creation that’s perfect for matcha green tea lovers.

Order these cakes for delivery via thegridfoodmarket.com (from Workshop) and Tasteless.ph (from Le Petit Soufflé), or via Grab, foodpanda, Pick-a-Roo or Rider Ko.

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Enjoy a Tatatito Feast on Mother’s Day

Squid Ink Bamboo Rice

TREAT Mom to a seafood feast on Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 8, 2022.

At Tatatito Filipino Home Kitchen, the bounty of the sea, presented in heartwarming Filipino dishes, awaits families honoring moms on this special occasion. Truth is that two new celebration dishes have been rolled out just in time for Mother’s Day—Squid Ink Bamboo Rice and Ginataang Salmon—both unique renditions of classic flavors.

Inspired by the subtle flavors and bold look of Adobong Pusit, Squid Ink Bamboo Rice is the result of a collaboration between Tatatito’s culinary team and restaurant owners Reagan and Aileen Tan of the MC Wilson Food Group. Cooked the same way as the restaurant’s other Bamboo Rice selections, this new dish infuses the rice with mild earthy flavors. The addition of roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes provide additional taste and texture to the dish, with a squeeze of the wedge of lemon that comes with the dish also adding a deeper flavor profile to it. Squid Ink Bamboo Rice goes very well with Tatatito’s signature dishes, such as Tatatito Fried Chicken, Tuna Belly Inasal, Classic Crispy Pata, and Crispy Binusog na Pusit.

Ginataang Salmon

The other new dish, Ginataang Salmon, is a huge slab of salmon, with its skin crisp and savory, sitting on a bed of beautifully silky coconut sauce. To balance the creaminess of the sauce, it is served with vegetables (mustasa, cherry tomatoes, stringbeans, okra, eggplant, and onion).

These two new seafood dishes are guaranteed to make Mom happy on Mother’s Day.

(Tatatito Filipino Home Kitchen is located at the Ground Floor of OPL Bldg., 100 Don Carlos Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. It is open daily—Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.; and Saturday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For online orders, call 0991-3005000 or order via GrabFood and foodpanda.)

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Conrad Manila Treats Moms
on Mother’s Day (May 8, 2022)

Brasserie on 3’s Lechon

CONRAD Manila celebrates Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8, 2022, and honors the Queen of the House with epicurean indulgences at its award-winning restaurants and holistic spa treatments and pampering at Conrad Spa.

Brasserie on 3’s All-Day Dining Buffet

Paella Risotto is available at Brasserie on 3

On Mother’s Day, Mom gets to leave the cooking to the chefs at Brasserie on 3, as Executive Sous Chef Patricia Mesina curates a flavorful ensemble. She and her kitchen team puts together Asian and Western inspired feasts, which include such treats as Ribeye Roast, Lechon Sisig con Chorizo, and Paella Risotto, among others. Mom also gets to dine for free in every group of four, and receives a special surprise from the restaurant and hotel partner Shiseido. Buffet price starts at Php3,500 nett per person.

China Blue by Jereme Leung

Authentic and contemporary Chinese dishes at China Blue by Jereme Leung

At China Blue by Jereme Leung, Executive Chinese Chef Eng Yew Khor takes Mom on an exciting culinary journey centering on authentic Chinese flavors on Mother’s Day. Set menu highlights include Stir-fried Sliced Beef and Chinese Gong Chai with Onion Ginger Superior Oyster Sauce; Fried Fresh Lapu-Lapu Fillet and Fish Maw with Teo Chew Black Bean Sauce; and Braised Abalone, Tao Pao and Crispy Wanton with Shredded Mushroom, Fish Lip Sauce. Just like at Brasserie on 3, Mom also gets a special treat when dining at China Blue by Jereme Leung. The Mother’s Day Set Menu is priced at Php48,880 nett for a table of 10 diners.

Mother’s Day Flower Jelly Mini Cakes from Bru Coffee Bar

Over at Bru Coffee Bar, sweet and colorful creations to choose from feature unique Mother’s Day Flower Jelly Mini Cakes.

And if pampering is your idea of an ultimate special treat for Mom after a good meal, Conrad Spa offers luxurious head-to-toe treatments. Delicately crafted to revitalize and re-energize, each treatment is complemented by a Signature Afternoon High Tea selection featuring fresh brews and homemade sweets and pastries for the ultimate bayside R&R. The spa’s Mother’s Day Tranquili-Tea starts at Php5,500 per person.

For inquiries or reservations, call +632 8833 9999.

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Free Mimi & Bros Cheesecake
for Mother’s Day (May 8, 2022)

Mimi & Bros’ Basque Burnt Cheesecake

MOMS are in for a sweet treat when they dine in with the family at Mimi & Bros on Mother’s Day this Sunday (May 8, 2022). Even those who choose to celebrate at home and therefore opt for delivery are going to receive this sweet treat. A free Basque Burnt Cheesecake!

A mouth-watering take on the popular Spanish dessert, Mimi & Bros’ Basque Burnt Cheesecake has been a staple dessert at the restaurant and a certified crowd favorite for years. The secret to its delightfully unique flavor lies within the parchment paper where it is baked. Fresh out of the oven, it looks burnt, but once the parchment paper is torn open and a forkful from the creamy cheesecake hits the palate, it is pure bliss in a mouthful. The cheesecake offers a perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness without being too overwhelming. No wonder it has become a favorite dessert among customers of Mimi and Bros.

So, on Mother’s Day, Mimi & Bros treats its customers to a free Basque Burnt Cheesecake to celebrate the special occasion with. With a minimum purchase of Php1,200, dear Mom gets to enjoy a delicious dessert with the family, whether they dine in at Crossroads, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City (BGC), or in the comfort of their own home.

To order, message Mimi & Bros on Messenger on m.me/mimiandbros, or via Viber at +63 945 798 5176.

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