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Enjoy Savory Dim Sum
at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

WHAT’S Chinese food without servings of delicious savory dim sum? The truth is that dim sum, when done properly, can be so good that you can build a whole meal solely around these savory treats. Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Lung … Continue reading

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100% Grape Juice Keeps You Healthy

IN today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it has become difficult to stay healthy. Long working hours, relentless traffic, unhealthy food, even beverage choices now lean more towards conveniently available but sugar-laden softdrinks. According to research, the percentage of Filipino households who do … Continue reading

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Diamond Hotel Welcomes Summer
with Refreshing Treats

MUST you travel a long distance and spend long hours on the road for a refreshing summer vacation? The truth is that you can enjoy yourself and have fun under the sun—or in a cool air-conditioned room—without going away. Making … Continue reading

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Every Day’s a New Buffet
at Marco Polo Ortigas’ Cucina

GOOD news to foodies who love partaking of buffets but easily get bored when the buffet spread is always the same: Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is revolutionizing the hotel buffet scene by offering a different buffet spread at Cucina Restaurant … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lot to Love
with Anchor Dairy Products

ANCHOR is a brand that’s trusted for its quality butter. Used by discriminating chefs and homemakers and preferred by bakers, Anchor Butter, both the Salted and Unsalted variants, turn out flavorful savory dishes and refreshingly delightful baked products. But Anchor … Continue reading

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