Have a Bubbly Christmas, Everyone!

Welch’s Sparkling White Grape Juice and Sparkling Red Grape Juice for Christmas

IT’S Christmastime, and it is one big celebration—with all those parties, reunions and family get-togethers. So bring out the bubbly, start pouring, and let’s party!

But what about the kids? With Welch’s line of Sparkling Juices, the kids can join in the fun!

Welch’s Sparking Non-alcoholic is so light and refreshing even kids will enjoy them

These light, refreshing and bubbly drinks simulate the drinking pleasure that Champagne and other bubblies give, but since they are non-alcoholic and fruit-based, they are safe for the kids to drink. No intoxication is likely to happen.
They come in two variants—Welch’s Sparkling Non-alcoholic Red Grape Cocktail Juice and Welch’s Sparkling Non-alcoholic White Grape Cocktail Juice—and are both made from the freshest Concord and Niagara grapes.

Carrying a long tradition of real grape goodness for every kind of celebration with loved ones, especially during special occasions such as Christmas, Welch’s Sparkling Red Grape Juice and Sparkling White Grape Juice can also be combined with other beverages to create a myriad of fizzy mocktails.

A product of the United States of America, Welch’s products are available in supermarkets and retail stores nationwide.


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