Christmas Goodies Galore
at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon

BE beguiled by the delightful treats awaiting guests at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel this Christmas season.

Available until January 6, 2019, the wide selection of holiday goodies is a feast for all the senses. Special holiday goodies created just for this festive season include Christmas Morning (gingerbread yule log cheesecake) at Php995, Chunky Monkeys (banana bread with snow glaze) at Php255, Santa’s Little Helper (cranberry oat cookies) at Php205 for seven pieces, Sugar Crush (designer gingerbread cookies) at Php175 for four pieces, Recuerdo (pistachio caramel bar and pecan brownies) at Php465 per box, Sugar & Spice (walnut crunch) at Php985 for 160 grams, and Esmeralda (gingerbread gypsy wagon) at Php455.

Yule Log Cheesecake

Cranberry Oat Cookies

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel’s spreads, bars and walnuts

You can also pair freshly baked Ear of Corn (multigrain baguette) at Php370 and Challa Jamon (braided Jewish bread with ham) at Php565, with Eastwood Richmonde’s homemade jams and spreads. They include such unique creations as Almond Cookie Butter, Oreo Crumb and Roasted Pimiento Spreads; as well as Burnt Sugar and Tomato Jam, plus Onion Marmalade (the smallest is at Php95 per 115 grams.

The Flowerpot Cookie, which recently won the Gold Medal in the 12th National Food Showdown Competition for Pastry Chef de Partie Richelle Ann Bautista, makes its first appearance this season. Priced at Php135 per flower pot, this creative dessert is made of vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough, raspberry jam, chocolate ganache and pistachio bits, and packed in a dainty flower pot.

The Flower Pot Cookie

Other options are Richmonde’s signature pastries all dressed up for the holidays—Richmonde Ensaymadas in Plain and Ube variants (Php160 per piece), as well as mini versions in Salted Egg & Ham flavor (Php555 for nine pieces), plus moist and fudgy Richmonde Chocolate Cake (from Php195).

To order, call (632) 570-7777 or email erhfbsec@richmonde.


(Eastwood Richmonde Hotel is located at 17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.)

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