Who’s Cooking?
Chef Niño Laus and K by Cunanan Are!

Ox Tongue, Buto ng Langka, Pipian Berde

COLLABORATIONS are great, especially when it involves professional chefs and established caterers. So, when The Blue Leaf, a premier events venue company, and Our Awesome Planet, a top travel and food blog, paired 11 top chefs with 11 of their partner caterers for their recent special event called Who’s Cooking?, the collaborations turned out mouth-watering five-course menus that are to die for.

These menus, which will be exclusively available for events held at The Blue Leaf events venues, cover appetizer to main course to dessert. They come with themes, which the collaborating chefs and caterers decided on, and in the case of the collaboration between Chef Niño Laus (of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge, Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen, and Alamat) and K by Cunanan, the theme happens to be native Filipino cuisine that’s perfect with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine.

Pata, Bagnet, Buggy

Pata, Bagnet, Buggy. Tender pork trotters braised in bugnay wine until tender, wrapped in homemade bagnet, and topped with sampinit fruit.

Kadios, Patani, Feta, Compressed Watermelon, Kasuy

Kadios, Patani, Feta, Compresed Watermelon, Kasuy. A vegetable croquette made with pigeon pea, lima beans, local goat cheese, a “sheet” of compressed watermelon, cashew nuts, with local sesame seeds… It is drizzled with freshly foraged honey with tones of vinegar, so that it tastes much like vinaigrette.

Pugita, Kulma, Cauliflower Puree, Pumpkin Bagoong, Mais, Vigan Longganisa Salsa

Pugita, Kulma, Cauliflower Puree, Pumpkin Bagoong, Mais & Vigan Longganisa Salsa. Octopus braised with local chilies, marinated in chilies and cooked with dalandan and soy sauce for a spicy aftertaste. It has kulma (kare-kare and curry), cauliflower puree, corn, Vigan longganisa and pumpkin bagoong.

Ox Tongue, Buto ng Langka, Pipian Berde. Ox tongue skewers on a bed of mashed jackfruit seeds made into potato consistency, served with Ilocano green pipian sauce.

Coconut, Tibuk-tibok, Latik, Burnt Coconut Tuile

Coconut, Tibuk-tibok, Latik, Burnt Coconut Tuile. It is tibuk-tibok (like maja blanca) with latik crumbs on the sides, burnt coconut and fresh katmon.

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