Who’s Cooking?
Natalia Moran and Passion Cooks Are!

Guinataan Balls in White Coconut Sauce and Cookie Crumble

WHO’S cooking at the recent Who’s Cooking? culinary event put together by The Blue Leaf, an events venue company, and Our Awesome Planet, one of the top travel and food blogs in the country?

Well, 11 chefs and 11 caterers actually did—and they had everyone taste their creations in the Grand Reveal Party. The chefs and caterers were ingeniously paired to work together in the kitchen and come up with their signature five-course menu, which shall be available only for events held at The Blue Leaf events places.

One of the chef-caterer teams had Chef Natalia Moran and Passion Cooks on board.

Chef Natalia happens to be the woman behind some of the most popular restaurants in Boracay, such as Sunny Side Café, Spicebird Piri Piri Grill, Supermagic Burgers, Streetmarket Food Hall and Little Wave Café. In the city, she serves as executive chef of PizzaExpress and Your Local of the Tasteless Group of Restaurants. She is busy as a bee because she never fails to come up with something exciting.

The brains behind Passion Cooks are the mother-and-daughter team of Chef Laura Martinez and her daughter Maja. Chef Laura, for one, channels her heart as a mother into her dishes, so the mark of Passion Cooks is the feeling that the service rendered and the food served are peppered with passion and love.

No wonder the five-course menu that Chef Natalia and Passion Cooks have created feels like a warm hug with every bite. Wait! Make that a six-course menu.

Pork and Mushroom Tapenade

Pork and Mushroom Tapenade. It is sisig—combining pork and mushroom—in a creamy tapenade on a crunchy puff pastry crust.

Tinapa Pate on Tutong

Tinapa Pate on Tutong. Their take on the modern Filipino breakfast: a combination of tutong (the crunchy, slightly toasted base when cooking rice), tinapa (smoked fish), salted egg and tomato. There are notes of vinegar on the tutong because it was cooked Japanese sushi rice style.

Shrimp and Corn Fresh-pressed Tortellini

Shrimp and Corn Fresh-pressed Tortellini. The freshly made tortellini pasta swims in a rich shrimp bisque sauce with muted sweetness coming from the candied pistachio. The dish is a burst of flavor from the combination of shrimp, corn, aligue, pesto, kaffir sauce, micro vein sorrel, micro mustard, pepper and polenta.

Sous-vide Tuna with Couscous Salad and Mango Coconut Sauce

Sous-vide Tuna with Couscous Salad and Mango Coconut Sauce. Fresh tuna, couscous, mango, coconut, sesame paste, ebiko, feta cheese, hito flakes… It is a beautiful mix of sweet and sour in one bite.

Arabica-rubbed Roast Beef with Fried Kamote and Truffle Mash

Arabica-rubbed Roast Beef with Fried Kamote and Truffle Mash. Roast beef, a comfort food, takes on the flavors of chimichurri sauce and hints of coffee from the coffee rub. Add to that the mashed sweet potato with truffle.

Guinataan Balls in White Coconut Sauce and Cookie Crumble. All the elements of guinataang bilo-bilo but with a stylized presentation… The bilo-bilo sits in a pool of creamy coconut sauce with white chocolate, stuffed with kamote and banana.

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