Tokyo Tokyo Introduces Fire and Ice Offerings

Tokyo Tokyo's new Cheese Tonkatsu Bento

Tokyo Tokyo’s new Cheese Tonkatsu Bento

FIRE and ice. Hot and cold treats. Culinary favorites and ice-cold desserts. These are what Tokyo Tokyo has to offer in its Fire and Ice Festival which is debuting on its menu this summer.

For the ‘Fire’ part of the celebration, Tokyo Tokyo, a leading Japanese restaurant chain now on its 29th year, capitalizes on the popularity of tonkatsu (crispy, breaded pork cutlets) these days by offering its new Cheese Tonkatsu Bento in addition to its Pork Tonkatsu Bento (golden fried pork cutlets made more tender). The Cheese Tonkatsu, which is pork chop stuffed with a delightful twist of creamy cheese, has cheese oozing out with every bite of the golden, crispy breaded pork.

“Tokyo Tokyo’s Pork Tonkatsu Bento is a big favorite with a lot of our customers. This time around, we’ve made it even better with a yummy cheese filling and thicker, juicier pork slices. Diners get the same quality they can find at any specialty Tonkatsu restaurant, but at a really affordable price,” says Harvie Sering, product manager for Tokyo Tokyo.

The Cheese Tonkatsu Bento also includes a side dish of fresh cabbage strips served with a special roasted sesame dressing and unlimited rice. Tokyo Tokyo offers it in three variants: Cheese Tonkatsu Bento, the best-seller, by itself (Php145); Cheese Tonkatsu Bento (Classic Bento), which is Cheese Tonkatsu Bento, a glass of Red Iced Tea, an order of Miso Soup, and Dessert (Php195); and Cheese Tonkatsu Bento (California Maki), which is Cheese Tonkatsu Bento, Red Iced Tea and California Maki (Php195).

For the ‘Ice’ part of the summer offering, Tokyo Tokyo introduces its Snow Ice line, which is the brand’s new year-round dessert that is aptly being launched this summer season. Based on a classic Japanese offering, the Kakigori, a shaved ice delicacy mixed with various flavored syrups, Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice comes in heaping bowls of shaved ice topped off by a medley of flavorful goodies. It’s a bed of vanilla-flavored ice, similar to fallen snow, with a smoother and lighter consistency than typical ice desserts, sweetened by a drizzle of milk. It boasts of tasty and refreshing toppings to satisfy diners’ cravings.

“We aim to provide our customers with quality Japanese desserts fit for the Filipino taste buds. Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice is the perfect complement to our popular offerings, as it goes with everything on the menu, and it’s also great as a standalone selection,” explains Carissa Loresca, product manager for Tokyo Tokyo.

Choco Sensation Snow Ice

Choco Sensation Snow Ice

Halo-Halo Snow Ice

Halo-Halo Snow Ice

Mango Peach Medley Snow Ice

Mango Peach Medley Snow Ice

Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice comes in three scrumptious flavors: Choco Sensation Snow Ice, which features yummy brownie chunks with sweet mini marshmallows and a generous helping of hot fudge sauce. Halo-Halo Snow Ice offers a twist of the timeless Filipino iced dessert, with lavish servings of ube, nata, leche flan and a sprinkle of crunchy cornflakes. Mango Peach Medley Snow Ice goes tropical with juicy slices of tangy peach and tart mango for a true taste explosion. Each order of Snow Ice, in whatever flavor, is available at Php79.

The Cheese Tonkatsu Bento is now available and the Snow Ice offerings will be available in select Tokyo Tokyo stores nationwide by April 2014.s

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